“The same reasons the industry got away from wood-fire cooking — it’s messy, primitive and demanding — are the very reasons we’re excited about it. It’s so naked and such a pure way of cooking, the results need no adornment.” 

—Chef John Manion

When Chef John Manion went looking for someone to bring to life his napkin drawings of the wood-burning cooking system of his dreams, he knew just the person to call: a motorcycle builder. “I went to a bunch of different steel guys,” says Manion, “but no one was as into it as I wanted them to be.” From the looks of the beautiful 12-foot open hearth at the end of the restaurant, which includes two grills, a small wood-burning oven/smoker and three separate chapas (flat-top grills)—one each for vegetables, seafood and meat — as well as various shelves and hooks for hanging and braising ingredients Manion made the right choice. “There’s a reason Argentina is known for its grilling prowess,” says Manion, “and that’s because it’s the best method in the world.”

Chef’s Counter

Table 54 offers front-row seats for two lucky diners to all the cooking action going on in the custom-built 12-foot hearth. Perfect for celebrations, date night or simply a unique dining experience, the Chef’s Counter features three menu options. Sit back and relax as Chef John Manion takes you on a culinary adventure inspired by the traditions of Argentina. Optional wine pairings, tableside cocktails and food add-ons available.

Grande Tasting, $120 per person, available nightly

A 10-course tour of Argentina through the eyes of Chef Manion focusing on the magic that happens when pristine ingredients, including various cuts of meat, vegetables and seafood, meet live fire 

Tour de Beef, $85 per person, available nightly

A 6-course meat-and-potato lovers’ dream meal

Chiquito Tour, $65 per person, available Monday-Wednesday

A 5-course mini-tour of the deliciousness Argentina offers 


Hearth Table

$85 per person 

Located just a few feet from our beautiful, custom-designed grill, the Hearth Table experience offers a 3-course feast of Argentina’s traditions focused on live fire-cooked meat, potatoes and seasonal vegetables for parties of 6 to 12. Optional wine pairings, tableside cocktails and food add-ons available. (For parties larger than 12, please visit our Private Events page.)

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