Chef’s Counter

Table 54 offers front-row seats for two lucky diners to all the cooking action going on in the custom-built 12-foot hearth. Perfect for celebrations, date night or simply a unique dining experience, the Chef’s Counter features three menu options. Sit back and relax as Chef John Manion takes you on a culinary adventure inspired by the traditions of Argentina. Optional wine pairings, tableside cocktails and food add-ons available.

Grande Tasting, $120 per person, available nightly

A 10-course tour of Argentina through the eyes of Chef Manion focusing on the magic that happens when pristine ingredients, including various cuts of meat, vegetables and seafood, meet live fire 

Tour de Beef, $85 per person, available Monday-Wednesday

A 6-course meat-and-potato lovers’ dream meal

Chiquito Tour, $65 per person, available Monday-Wednesday

A 5-course mini-tour of the deliciousness Argentina offers 

* Please note, much like a campfire, you will be seated close to the open flame, things will get cozy. Turtlenecks not recommended. 

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Libation Pairings (optional)
o   Pairings - $85pp
o   Premium Pairings - $100pp
o   Non-Alcoholic Pairings - $40pp
o Tableside cocktail pairings - $65pp
If you choose to forgo pairings, libations will be added a la carte.

Details to Note:

o   One seating per evening - any time between 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
o   We ask that guests follow the same dietary restrictions
    (i.e., pescatarians, gluten-free, shellfish allergies, dislikes)
o   We apologize for any inconvenience we are unable to accommodate vegans
o   Our chefs will be your guide to this personalized experience
o   All gratuities will go to the chefs that work the line that evening