Grilling with John: A Class Series by Chef John Manion

This intimate Saturday class series starts with the lighting of the 12ft hearth and ends with a family-style meal surround by new friends and delicious food. In between, insider tips on cooking with an open flame will be offered, ingredients will be prepped and wine will be flowing. 

Always on a Saturday from 12:00pm - 2:00pm (the perfect lunch date!) each class will focus on a different theme.
$85pp includes; welcome cocktail, class, recipes and lunch (with wine pairing).

September 14th:  Happy Birthday to Me!
Manion cooks the birthday dinner he wishes someone would cook for him (hint, hint) to celebrate his half-century of life on this planet. Insider tip: steak au poivre is his favorite food.

October 12th:  Let’s Eat Creatures from the Field and Forest: 
A Wild Game Class. For Manion, nothing is more primal than cooking wild game over an open flame. Doing so, however, requires a bit of finesse. In this class, he’ll provide tips on how to make the most of these super-lean and tasty creatures.

November 9th:  A Grilled Thanksgiving Feast: 
How to Win Turkey Day. Manion is a big fan of Thanksgiving beyond the fact that it’s the anniversary of his engagement. He’s a big fan of the food, too. Really. Learn how to cook the Thanksgiving dinner you’ve always fantasized about. Your friends and family will thank you.

December 14th:  How the Grinch Cooked Christmas Dinner Outside.
It takes a certain kind of lunatic to want to grill outside in the winter in Chicago. Those folks, says Manion, are his kind of people. Join our own beloved lunatic as he cooks a holiday dinner with whole beef tenderloin with horseradish crème as the centerpiece.

January 11th: Lobsters and Shrimp and Oysters, Oh My!
Let’s Grill Some Seafood. Manion is the first to admit that as the chef for a meat-focused restaurant he doesn’t get to cook as much seafood as he would like. That won’t be a problem in this class where he’ll demonstrate that grilling is perhaps the easiest way to prepare fish and shellfish.

February 15th:  True Romance a/k/a A Pyromaniac’s Culinary Love Letter.