Hearth Table

$85 per person 

Located just a few feet from the beautiful, custom-designed grill, the Hearth Table experience evokes Argentina’s traditional Sunday suppers, where family and friends gather around the table for a fun-filled feast. Overflowing platters of grilled ribeye dressed with fragrant chimichurri, East Coast oysters gently cooked over the coals, milk-brined cold-smoked sweetbreads seared on the plancha and heirloom carrots charred to perfection are passed around from diner to diner. The wine flows freely as does the conversation and laughter. The simplicity of the food belies the impeccable ingredients behind it as well as the thoughtful preparation that went into each dish. Optional wine pairings, tableside cocktails and food add-ons are available for the 3-course feast. (For parties larger than 10, please visit our Private Events page.)